Review for Enphase Energy

Anonymous Peoria, AZ

Great Experience

I worked at the largest company in my State for 5 years. We almost always installed Enphase Micro Inverters. I also have had them on my house for about 5 years M215). I have never had a problem. I love them. When I read the negative reviews, most are from the older micro inverters, before the M215. I also noticed a few that had the wrong size micro inverter for the solar panel. If a system is not designed correctly, any inverter can have a problem. I also see that a lot of the Solar Contractors have gone out of business. It would be wise to look for a reputable company that can take care of you for many years. I know we had a couple of calls on the older ones (190's) that got replaced. I bought a house in another State that has a central optimizer system and I have had it shut down 5 times in 1 year.