Review for SolarNorcal LLC

Anonymous El Dorado Hills , CA


STAY AWAY!!<br />I am one of the customer so I can give first hand information right from installation to post installation support. It was bad experience all along. <br /><br />My installation work was about to start on the day, so I took day off so installers could get to my house and install. <br />Installers did not show that day and did not even bother to call. Considering, I had taken day off for installation and left my work. So I called Heath , he was not even apologetic and instead told me it's common in construction business for people to not show up. Really, that's how you run your business.. <br /><br />After few days, their crew came to install panels and ready to install. By chance, I happened to notice that they were installing different panels than what I paid for. If I would had not noticed they would have installed wrong panels. How can one miss it? So I called Heath again, he started blaming me for their mistake that I should have got these panels instead, then he started blaming his crew. He chose to focus on blame game rather than the issue.. Very unprofessional..<br /><br />Later I noticed they damaged drive way and concrete of the house. Since I already paid initial money, I was struck. I wanted to pull out, maybe I should have even after initial payment. <br /><br />After installation the whole system went down for couple of days for no support. Now I have one of the panel producing only 30%. At first, they were on denial there was no problem. Then he started blaming on shades. After repeated calls, they showed up after 15 days. 15 days is a long time given panel is not producing much. Now they pointed out its a satellite dish issue. Lets assume it was dish issue, The dish was there since 2012 much much before they did installation. How can it be missed at inspection and during installation when dish is next to panels? Again crappy job and bear no responsibility to fix it Asking me to call third party company to fix it. Panel is now down and not producing much. <br /><br />I feel company lacks quality and professionalism. They tend to lean towards finding excuse or blaming someone whether its their crew or supplier or customer. I paid money to Solarnorcal, I did not pay to listen to their excuses. <br /><br />Company claims to be 5 star, how can a company which works like this to be a 5 star (does not show up on appointments, damage customer property, poor jobs). Given my experience, I am having trouble even rating them 1 star.<br />Even if you decide to go with this company, make sure to get the contract updated for post installation support (SLA for time) and do not pay money till you make sure everything is working as expected and specially no damages done to your property.. <br />Best of luck for your solar installation.

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