Review for Civicsolar

Office location: 33 Richdale Avenue Suite 206, Cambridge MA, 02140

Anonymous FL

Frustrating Experience

I wouldn't recommend Civic solar to my family or friends. Multiple issues with order and it's almost been a month since orignal delivery date with no end in sight. Representative changed part of the order without me realizing it and I had to pay restocking fees for that error. Talked with technical team before finalizing order and they understood what I was trying to do and said it was okay, but yet the order still got swapped. I get it I should have reviewed the quote more closely, but I looked more at quantity thinking a whole item wouldn't have been substituted for another. Requested to return the wrong item but it took almost 2 weeks to get the paperwork necessary to return it. 3 shipments of Ironridge rails all with damage. Only 1 shipments of panels so far but have waited weeks for panel replacements. However they have been able to send 3 shipments of rails so far. Ended up ordering replacement parts from Tandam Solar. Super fast shipping and everything arrived in good condition. Wishing I went with them first, they give everything Civic does but at a better price and they actually understand what I tell them. Civic has been slowly trying to fix the issues with the rails and missing hardware. However as far as the panels go...i have very little faith I'll see them before the year ends.