Review for Renewable Energy Corporation

Anonymous Kent Island, MD

Battery Back-up!

In 2016, I bought my first solar energy system from Renewable Energy Corp. As we decided about what company we wanted to use and what type of system we wanted to get, we learned that when grid power is lost, a home with solar panels will still lose power. Therefore we researched back-up battery systems. We also decided that we did not want to lease our system, we wanted to purchase it. Purchasing a system meant that we were able to gain the tax credits for our system, upgrade it as we wished and did not have to worry about decisions to sell our home.<br /> Renewable Energy Corporation was the best decision we could have made for our solar system. They came to our home and gave us real feedback on the strengths and limitations of our location. They did not try to oversell their product to us. We didn't have to sign any agreement or contract in order to get a price quote. The quote was true to value and they worked a few different options so that we could consider how much we could afford and ways in which to upgrade over time as needed or wanted.<br /><br /> When you purchase solar, ABSOLUTELY get the battery back-up system. I had lived in my home for 16 years and only had one major power outage during a hurricane, so I didn't think that it was a huge necessity. But, I chose to do the back-up because I have a family and I wanted the peace of mind.<br /> The first year we had solar, a snow plow took down the wires less than a quarter mile from our house. Power was out over night (about 9 hours) in a snow storm. The battery system automatically switched the house over with no power disruption (I don't even have to reset my clocks). My family stayed warm and had the water we needed due to our solar battery back-up.<br /> In August of 2017 a tornado blew through our community taking out power for 22 hours. Again, we were able to save our refrigerated foods and have water and keep our sump pump going when our neighbors lost power.<br /><br /> Renewable Energy Corp has continued to follow-up with us on how our system is working and we have needed no maintenance, nor had any problems since installation. This summer we opted to maximize our roof space with more panels and again the salesmen and installation crews were extremely professional, friendly and helpful. I recommend this company as highly as possible.

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