Review for Highlight Solar

Anonymous Sunnyvale, CA

Best of the Best

Our desire was to install as large a rooftop solar system as we could without any panels visible from the street. We received bids from four solar companies including Highlight Solar. The Highlight Solar bid had several things going for it: <br /> <br />1) it was the only company where a representative came to our house to take measurements to provide a definitive bid -- the other three companies wanted us to put down a deposit first before they would measure our house and lay out the system,<br /> <br />2) it was able to fit more panels that the other three companies would commit to, <br /><br />3) it proposed the earliest project start and shortest installation time span, <br /><br />4) it had the lowest bid, and <br /><br />5) it is a diamond certified company. <br /><br />We agreed to purchase a 9.1 KW system with 32 panels from Highlight Solar.<br /><br />Once we signed the contract, the panels and inverters were delivered within a week. Installation began four days later, and was completed in three days. Final inspection was completed on the first visit two weeks later (would have been one week, but it was delayed because we were out of town). Three days after the inspection, PG&E approved our Net Energy Metering (NEM) application. The whole process took one month, which was half the time any of the other companies would commit to.<br /><br />Dean and his folks were a pleasure to work with during the whole project. In addition to the solar installation itself, they handled all aspects of the city permitting and NEM application process with PG&E. We were very happy with the entire experience, and would recommend Highlight Solar to anybody considering the addition of a rooftop solar system to their home.

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