Review for OnSite Energy


Solar Energy production - better than expected!

I cant say enough positive things about Onsite Energy, Orion Thornton and their installation crew. Our solar panels have worked perfectly and we went nine months without paying an electric bill! If we disconnected our hot tub we would be and energy producer. It's great to be able to monitor your energy production with the online monitoring system. I'm sure the system will pay for itself in less than 10 years, then it's free electricity, not to mention not burning fossil fuels for our electric needs. The whole system works great, is a smart investment, and the right choice for our economy and environment.<br /><br />The only down side is when we have a heavy snow it some times takes a day or two for the snow to shed and the panels to start producing electricity again. And the shedding can be a little rough on my spring flowers.

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