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Waiting too long

After waiting 3 months for the solar panels to be installed, we were told it would take no more than 10 business days to turn the panels on. It has been 12 business days and we don't even have the appointment with the inspector scheduled and after that there is another appointment that needs to be made with the power company before the panels can be turned on. Our first payment was made in early June. It's September and we have paid $30000 and have no idea when we will have solar power.

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On schedule
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LightWave Solar reply 09/18/2017
Our normal time frame for a solar project to be completed, from the point of initial contract, is 3-4 months, and this time frame is clearly stated on our proposal materials. We are constantly striving to improve this time frame, but there are a number of steps in the process that are out of our direct control, such as utility review and approval, local electrical inspection, and utility commissioning.<br /><br />We are happy that your project passed inspection today, and we look forward having it commissioned with your local utility as soon as is possible.