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so happy

Karin and I sat down 2 years ago and designed a system to meet our needs. Karin took time of use, aspect of the roof, and many other items into her calculations. Prior to the solar system my bill was $3000.00 a year, the first year with this system our electric bill was $75.00. Yes $75.00 for the year. Our system cost about 24K. We received about 8K in tax credits. This made the system cost 16K. with a 3K savings per year the system will pay for itself in a little over 5 years. I challenge you to find a more secure and better investment. 16K paying you 3K a year with no taxes. Stephen Thomas

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CleanTech Energy Solutions reply 08/01/2017
Hi Stephen. Great to hear your feedback and much appreciate you taking the time to write it. Thank you. The CleanTech Team.