Review for StraightUp Solar

Office location: 505 N Main Street, Bloomington IL, 61701


Great Experience with Straight-up Solar, A-to-Z

Since installing a geothermal system a few years ago, we saw our electric bills go up (although our propane bills went down), so we wanted to take the next step in both economic and environmental sustainability, and get off the dirty coal energy that electric companies around us tend to use. A neighbor had a good experience with StraightUp Solar, so we began talking with Shannon Fulton. She took the time to answer all our questions, and we went through quite a few different scenarios, each with pros/cons, before deciding to spread the solar panels over 5 different roof surfaces on the south side of our home. This was not a standard or easy installation, but every member of the team worked together, and in the end it worked beautifully. As soon as they flipped the switch, our monthly electric bill went to the $18 minimum monthly service charge. We are now in the shortest days of the year, so may have to pay a bit more than that, but so far the system has worked perfectly, and we are very happy to be generating clean energy and paying very low electric bills.

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