Review for Enphase Energy


High Failure Rate

We have 44 microinverters part 800-00065-r03(M190) and have had 12 fail within 4 years. Waiting almost 2 months for a replacement during summer. Customer Service is bad, they won't consider a bad lot of inverters until a home experiences a 50% failure rate !!! Why wasn't THAT statement printered in their warrenty.

Enphase Energy reply 09/30/2016
Dear Takoma52, my name is Charlotte and I run the Customer Advocacy program at Enphase. We are very sorry to hear about the issues with your Enphase system and I assure you that we take your concern very seriously. I would like to help. My direct line is (877) 797-4743 extension 7250, or you can send me an email at with a contact where I can call you at your convenience. <br /><br />Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.<br /><br />Warm regards,<br />Charlotte