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Outstanding experience

After researching and meeting with multiple companies MSSI was, far and away, the right choice (and an easy choice to make). All of my interactions with MSSI employees from the initial consultation over the phone through in-person meetings with the owner (who does her own sales work!) and all of the installers/electricians/office staff along the way were fantastic. MSSI was upfront with costs and how they do their savings estimates; most of the other companies I spoke with waved their hands at the details or were intentionally vague.<br /><br />Of all the companies I met with MSSI was the only one who was able to discuss the engineering details of their preferred panels, and other options on the market, and why they install the brand panel they do - very impressive. Colette (the owner) even had panel samples to walk me through the fabrication process for the panels MSSI prefers.<br /><br />The installer crew and electricians were consummate professionals. In three consecutive work days the system went from components on the truck to fully installed and hooked up to my electrical panel AND passed inspection with the county! And on top of that, through their persistence with the utility they had BGE installing my net meter in about 2 weeks (fast, even for BGE, if you do your research on typical wait times for net meter installations).<br /><br />Even before signing a contract I easily went through 6 or 7 design iterations with MSSI and each time they were very responsive and willing to put in the extra effort to design a system exactly to my needs and specifications - with no guarantee of a sale. MSSI offers customer service at a level unheard of these days. And after signing a contract MSSI was able to move up the installation many weeks because of an unexpected gap in their schedule, I got solar power generation ~2 months early because of their diligence.<br /><br />Bottom line...if you're serious about getting a solar PV system MSSI is a company you need to meet with. They're not necessarily the cheapest (although certainly not the most expensive), but they are a company that is comprised entirely of professionals whom you can trust to do the job right using the best materials with which to do it and all the while being responsive to their customer. MSSI knows the ins and outs of their business and no company I interacted with was as responsive or knowledgeable about solar PV.

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Maryland Solar Solutions reply 05/26/2016
Thank you for all of your support! We always strive to offer the best quality installation possible.