Review for Maryland Solar Solutions


Brandywine, MD

We have had our MSS installed solar system for 16 months now and couldn't be happier with the results. We don't pay for electric anymore and we earn extra money selling our solar renewable energy credits (SRECs). MSS did a great job installing our system and they have the most asthetically pleasing approach of any installer in the entire DC-Baltimore area. No visible conduit pipes running across your roof or on the side of your house. They do it right...while other installers don't care what it looks like from the street. And the best warranty out there!

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Installation quality
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Maryland Solar Solutions reply 04/27/2016
We are glad to hear that you've been able to see the benefits to your solar array, over a year after your installation! We like to ensure that the customer's array is not only meeting their expectations, but also that it looks pleasing to the customer from their own aesthetic perspective. Thank you for this wonderful review!