Review for BDS Solar


Consultant payment

Here is an email I received from this business, to give you an idea of the lack of professionalism I was dealing with here:<br /><br />'I'm sorry I'm paying only for a completed project I don't know why I would use you for something that we can utilize at all thank you for trying but this is Anna completed job basis your problems are not mine getting this resolved thank you'<br /><br />I was hired to migrate a word document into an excel document to include links to certain sections. Per their vague instructions from the beginning, this task was completed after 3 drafts. I then received a brief email stating it was not what they were looking for and to stop the project. It was never suggested I get paid, not even for the effort it took to unprotect the excel document after BDS did not provide a password that worked to enable editing of the excel document.