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Solar Repair/Installation

Groundhog Solar usually does grid-tie applications and I am off-grid. I had an inverter fire and he replaced my inverter plus a lot more. He installed safety disconnects that should have been in place since 2002 and 2008 when the inverter was replaced from a power surge and 2013 when more solar panels were added by another company. He moved my batteries into a battery box in my basement with a vent/fan and moved the inverter into my room addition that we had originally built to put the equipment into. My inverter was not hooked up properly after being replaced after a power surge and hadn't worked at full capacity until now, if ever. I ran a week with just battery power and I hadn't been able to run even one day before! Same batteries! Thank you to Richard from Grounhog Solar for making my life much easier! Thank you for letting me be your first off-grid repair! I definitely recommend him. Highly knowledgable and professional!

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