Review for Dwelltek


Excellent and Professional Company

My electric bill had skyrocketed over the last 7 years. My wife and I came to the decision that we would not be able to live in our home any longer and save for retirement unless we figured a way to save on our utility bills. Our electric bill was averaging about $230 per month for the year (we're on a deep water well which is expensive to run during the summer). <br /><br />My brother-in-law had worked with DwellTek and had already installed their system. They were 100% satisfied with both the professional manner and price of DwellTek's system. I spoke to three different companies for system design and pricing. The other companies were not near as knowledgeable and professional. I had lots of questions and I found that not only did DwellTek have the correct answers but they were also very helpful in guiding me to make the best decision that would help MY family. I really appreciated their straight forwardness and honesty. We had a few hiccups along the way but I found DwellTek extremely helpful in resolving ALL issues. I'm 100% satisfied and in fact I would say the end result has exceeded my expectations. <br /><br />Our system went live the first part of January and we have produced more than enough electricity during this time to not only pay for our home electric usage but also supplement our heating bill. In fact now during February we have excess power which we have used to help heat our home during January and February. During the last three weeks of February we have been able to heat our home exclusively with the excess electrical power from our solar energy setup.<br /><br />We have been able to experience an ROI and cost savings from day one. I'm excited to see our results and cost savings during the summer which has been our most expensive time of year.

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