Review for Florida Power Services Inc


We love the $10 Duke Energy bills!!

We had Joe of Florida Power Services Inc. install a 10.1 KW system 18 months ago on our roof in St. Pete Beach. During the quotes and installation, Joe was great to work with - he really knows solar! The installation was no fuss, no muss as far as we were concerned; in a few days it was all done and once Duke approved it and installed the special meter, our electric bills plummeted. We generate excess electricity in the fall and spring, so last summer in June and July we had enough credits that our bills were still the Duke minimum fee amount of $10 - and that was with the air conditioning going in the summer! In August we did end up having to pay $40 or $50, but that is really a drop in the bucket. <br />We don't know the system is there and it just does its thing, soaking up the sun's rays. I am really amazed that folks easily spend over a million on a house on the beach, but do not look do go solar - it is a great financial investment, and it is satisfying to know you are going green.

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