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YSG Solar

So I used this company on the recommendation of a friend and I absolutely regret it. Now I know this review is coming a few years too late but finally got around to doing it. I had the system installed in February 2018. The original design of the system was for 22 300 watt panels with the solaredge 7600 watt inverter making it a 6.6kwh peak system. Due to my house having a flat roof they would of had to put 2 panels on the lower roof so to keep it looking symmetrical we agreed to add 2 more panels to the system which should have made it a 7.2kwh peak system. Install went fairly smooth only issue was the installers left a mess in my basement, not a huge issue but unprofessional. Once we got into summer I started noticing my system is clipping at 5kwh. I found this odd considering the system size. I look at the inverter on my house and notice its not the size that was supposed to be put on. They installed the solaredge 5000 watt inverter. I brought this up to the company numerous times and was basically blown off every time and fed lines of crap as to why that inverter was put on. Fast forward to 2019 and we started getting a leak in the ceiling in my youngest kids room. YSG sent their roofer out to look at it and confirmed it was from the install. YSG only wanted to patch the spot on the roof. After arguing with them the agreed to remove the system and WE paid to have the roof replaced that they messed up. After the roof was replaced we fought with them for about another month to get the panels reinstalled. They kept canceling appointments, and one of the appointments we had the installers never came but aparently(according to them) had actually come and finished the job. Obviously a lie because the panels were still pulled up in front of my garage, oh and I couldn't use my garage this whole time because where the panels where. I do not recommend this company. They promise you one thing and don't deliver. Oh and I had talked to the owner of the company that installed my father's solar system and he confirmed what I already new which is that they under powered my system with the smaller inverter. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 03/20/2021


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