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As a California and Texas homeowner for more than 20 years, I can tell you that this was my first time looking at Solar options. It was long overdue! I conducted my research and analyses on four top Texas companies by holding in-home interviews with each one of them. Of course, they all say “we’re number one” over their competitors. However, we all know that there could only be ONE number one. These four Solar company representatives had their own right to claim a particular featured “edge” against the competition. The lowest bid I received from company “D” was $13,170; the highest bid from company “C” was $27,772; the other two, company “A” and company “B” fell in between those estimates. Company “A” really stood out, not in cheapest cost, but in their professional salesmanship and presentation of their products inclusive of their warranties. I further read hundreds of reviews from an independent website which is not related to any of the Solar installation companies. Company “A” was customer rated Number One at 5-Star for their service and products. This company is Sunpower by Freedom Solar and their Senior Energy Consultant is Mr. Stephen Galaviz. Mr. Galaviz is a true professional and provided me and my family with a Solar Energy presentation that no other company even attempted to do. He precisely answered my multitude of questions about products, workmanship, warranties, and service after the sale. Moreover, he provided a tangible sample of his company’s panels and the competitor’s, to my surprise the Sunpower panels were flexible and very well made in comparison to its competition. Freedom Solar is the company I selected to build/install my Solar Energy system, thanks to Mr. Galaviz and Mr. Aaron Heth who worked with me to obtain the most efficient and cost-effective system for my family and home. I am truly appreciative of their knowledge and service throughout this installation, and look forward to developing a long-term business relationship with SunPower. Thank you so much and Semper-Fi! “Gunny” Salazar, USMC-Retired

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 07/17/2020


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