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If you are looking for the overall best solar installer in all of Virginia, DC and Maryland, look no further. For the price, which is very competitive, the quality of the work, the quality of the individuals that work for Nova Solar, the quality of the service provided, the quality of the communication with the customer and the quality of the products they use to put together your solar array, you will not find a better Solar Installation company. I ended up going with Nova Solar for the following reasons: 1. I read every single review I could find on them and not even one was bad. In fact, they were all glowing endorsements of Nova Solar! 2. Their proposal was excellent pricewise and I was very pleased that they proposed to use panels that were outputting more Watts, 360, than all but one of the other companies that had submitted proposals. To be transparent, I received five total proposals. 3. NovaSolar has EnergySage's Three Star Seal of Approval, which gave me comfort in knowing that these guys know what they are doing. There is no sales pitch from their team, because as one of them said, "Solar sells itself". They are straight forward and will answer any and all questions that you have without hesitation. They handle all the paperwork to get the necessary permits and set up the inspection, so you don't have to. They also provide all the "Tax-Incentive" paperwork for the Federal Tax Credit and the Fairfax County Tax Credit, all of which is really just icing on the cake. They installed an 11.52 kW system on our roof, which was comprised of REC 360AA Alpha Black panels. These panels are not only highly rated and perhaps the best on the US market, but they are beautiful and will look great on your roof too! Even my wife, who was not expecting to like the look of the panels, was pleasantly surprised at how much she enjoyed the look of the panels on our roof. If my review has not sold you on Nova Solar, then do what I did. Research, research, research and talk to everyone you can. If at the end of your research and conversations you do not end up back at Nova Solar like I did, I will be super surprised.

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 05/17/2020


First off, wow! We are so grateful to you for leaving this review, thank you! It is exciting that customers who spend hours doing their due diligence end up going with us and walk away so pleased. Our team works extremely hard for these outcomes every step of the way. We are also immensely proud of our current panels, the REC Alphas, which we had hands on training with by the REC Group. Not only did we learn so much so we are knowledgeable and comfortable with the product, but we also received an extended 5 year warranty (on top of the 20-year standard warranty) for doing so, which is passed onto our customers. I am confident you will be happy you made the switch for years to come.

Thanks again,
Meghan Stewart Estes
Nova Solar, Inc

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