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On 10/10/2017 I entered into an agreement with EnviroSolar to install solar on my property. Approximately 10/21/2017 for $21,240. According to the agreement, EnviroSolar was to send an QA to inspect the installation, hand me my warranty documentation: this never happened. I also asked for a detail inventory of what was to be installed. This also has not happened. After reporting several issues with the system, such as shutdown for as long as 24 hours or a minimum of 8 hours, EnviroSolar installed SENSE monitoring at my location in July of 2018. Again I asked if this was included in the package that I purchase and again I asked for a detail inventory. In 2018 I filed a complaint with the Texas State Attorney General and with the BBB. On August 2018 EnviroSolar said the would bring the installation up to standards if I withdraw my complaints. I cancelled the complaints. Part of that agreement was to reimburse for tax lost, LED bulbs, add 3 panels and inspect the system and correct the installation discrepancies. I receive a check and a box of LED light bulbs. In June of 2019 I refilled my complaint with the Texas State Attorney General. On July 11,2019 I received a communication from EnviroSolar Operations Manager with the following offer. 1) Install 5 more panels to ensure system is providing at least a 50% savings. 2) Secure the wires underneath the panels that are hanging and touching the roof. 3) Secure the Cables in the attic that are currently hanging on the Duct work. 4) Complete a Savings analysis and provide a savings reimbursement based off the bills you provide. 5) Provide you with the Warranty info for your Panels. If I did this. 1) Provide me with Pictures of the cables in the Attic so we can identify how to secure. 2) Provide me with your previous 12 months bills so we can perform a Savings Analysis and determine the amount of the Savings Reimbursement. 3) Removal of the BBB Complaint. I did as requested. I sent 12 months of bills and received a check of just over $200.00. EnviroSolar hired Titan Solar to evaluate the system and remove the panels from my roof. The Titan Solar team from Austin came in November of 2019 and made the recommendation to move the installation to a ground solution. The Titan Solar representative called the EnviroSolar Operations Manager and there was an agreement to proceed. Since then I have not heard from Titan Solar or EnviroSolar. The Titan Solar agents did not remove the panels from my roof or correct any installation deficiencies. Their explanation was at least I was receiving some power from the panels. I have made attempts to contact both Titan Solar and EviroSolar with no reply or acknowledgement. In the past I have filed two complaints with the Texas Attorney General and both times I received a promise to fix the systems with EnviroSolar has not keeping their word. At this stage my first choice is the complete removal of the system, repair of my roof and the re-imburse

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 02/24/2020


Mission Solar Energy

due to the poor installation by EnviroSolar they are only producing 60% max.

Type: Other

Reviewed: 02/24/2020


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