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My panels on rear of home facing south. Curious how power generation increases in summer as my Peimar panels installed in late fall/early winter.

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Reviewed: 01/14/2020


Summer energy production with our Italian panels are going to be FORZA!

Hays Energy Services

I received solar system quotes from 10 to 12 installers. Based on submitted vendor responses, focused primarily on local companies vs. larger national installers. HES and two other vendors had best in class pricing on installed solar panels combined with Tesla 2.0 Powerwall system(2 units). The consensus amongst all vendors was that my 4,000 sqft home would need a 19kW to 20kW panel system to generate from 95% to 102% of monthly requirements. After first month in operation, system generated power requirements as promised/designed by HES. After 30 days post system install, my first utility bill(Green Mountain Energy) resulted in a $40 credit balance. Normal monthly electrical bill previously ran from $350 to $400+. If trend continues, expect system to pay for itself in next 8.5 to 10 years. HES set up and tutored homeowner on utilizing both Enphase and Tesla APPS for monitoring daily/monthly power generation from system. Power generation APPS easy to use and convenient. The Tesla Powerwall equipment is a nice feature since it smoothly kicks in during night time and/or in the event of power grid disruption. HES crew took approximately one week to install equipment on our home. Trouble shooting/post installation QC and City Permitting delayed final conversion by another 5 to 7 days. HES install team professional and responsive. As with any new technology, HES install team had a mix of experience staff working on our home. This proved helpful when they ran into some minor system software issues during commissioning process.

Type: Residential Electric

Reviewed: 01/14/2020


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