Who are the 10 best solar energy companies in Vermont based on solar company reviews?

SolarReviews helps you find the best solar installer by sharing below the largest collection of consumer solar company reviews of solar panel companies currently operating in Vermont. Some of these solar companies have also agreed to supply live pricing through the site if you request a solar quote, by entering your zip code above.

There are now more solar power companies operating in Vermont than ever before and more choice of solar products and solar installation companies to speak to about a solar system. The solar tax credit, great long term savings, net metering and an abundance of zero down solar lease and solar loan products are making home solar more popular.

Right across the solar industry in the United States consumer reviews have shown that local installers enjoy the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The large corporate solar companies such as Vivint Solar, Solar City Tesla and Sunrun have much lower reviews scores than local solar companies.

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Solar Hot Water (Thermal), Solar Pool Heating, Storage

Smooth, and easy to work with every step of the way.


Office location: Brentwood, NH 03833

Everyone was straightforward from start to finish. Professional, courteous, and they had their act together you seldom see with companies these days. They were there to guide you and help you every step of the way. From scheduling installation, inspection, to signing and submitting paperwork to one's utility. Can't recommend Revision enough.

We had a minor issue upon installation, and they were attentive and made sure the problem was resolved which it was.

Solaflect Energy

5.00 based on 10 reviews
326 Main Street, Suite 4, Norwich, VT 05055

Services: Residential Solar Electric

After doing our research and getting up to speed about the different solar options, we came very quickly to the conclusion that Solaflect was the way to go. It has been wonderful from the beginning, and remains so after nearly 5 years. Snow sheds off immediately, which is especially appreciated at our higher elevation. Our tracker has been great in every respect, and we feel it was the responsible thing to do. Also, we absolutely love the design… an engineering marvel that we enjoy looking at as the position changes through the day and the seasons. After several years producing more electricity than our household needs, we now use the surplus to power an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt - another good decision!

We used Rob Stubbins Solar for a residential solar installation. John Blittersdorf was our solar designer and installer and he did an amazing job. He worked with us to acquire the latest battery technology. Installation was smooth and quick - set up in about a week. After installation, there were a few minor issues for which he came right back to our house and fixed. We are now have an LG home battery that will supply the house for any power failure. The cost of this is less than buying a generator. In addition, we are generating more than enough energy to supply our home needs for the year and to charge a plug-in Prius. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend using Stubbins Solar and John Blittersdorf.

Borealis Solar

5.00 based on 1 reviews
55 Tousant Hill Road, Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Storage, Energy Monitoring

In keeping with Countryside Alarms’ commitment to work with Vermont companies & American-made products, Blais hired Borealis Solar of Greensboro, VT to install the 82.5kW system using Trina Solar Energy panels and SolarEdge equipment. The project maximizes the total available roof space of Countryside's Buildings 1, 2, and 3 with 330W 72Cell Trina Solar Modules.

Can't say enough about the job DC Energy did for us. With great guidance from Ben we went for it and have not looked back. Their price was a couple of thousand less than the competion, they met their schedule and we basically haven't paid for electricity since. Ask about a heat pump as well. It was another home run suggested by Ben.

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Energy Monitoring

Scammers full of lies


Office location: Waterbury, VT 05676

They talked my exwife into a lease from one there solar fields they own. They looked at her use and gave her a quote of 165 a month she bit, now she gets a bill from gmp of 180 to 200 a month and a bill from suncommon for 165 because her leased pannels produce a whole 20kw and she uses 180 wow what a deal. They lied and said her system would produce more than she uses and she would seldom receive a bill from gmp. Never has the pannels come close to her usages. Going to go to legal aid and file a law suite. They prey on the poor and elderly do not use these thiefs.

RGS Energy

4.30 based on 138 reviews
110 16th Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80202
Top 100 solar installers of all time

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Storage

Over-promise, under-deliver


Office location: Warwick, RI 02889

RGS assured me that their Year 1 production estimate was conservative (note, the contract provides no recourse for you, so you are relying on their word). During the first year, my system produced approximately 77% of their "conservative" estimate, which will extend my payback period substantially.

Friends of the Sun

1.00 based on 1 reviews
159 Depot Street, Manchester Center, VT 05255



We had a solar thermal system designed by Friends of the Sun that turned out to be poorly done. Trusting this company turned out to be a bad thing. A lesson in researching the system beforehand was learned. We trusted their expertise and were sadly disappointed.
The installer did his best to make a poor design work, but we had to settle for less than what we paid for.
Stay away from this company!

I talked to a lot of other companies all over New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont before I talked to Dan Brown. He was by far the most knowledgable about off-grid systems like ours. Their team really did exceptional work and I noticed that they went out of their way to avoid cutting corners. We are really happy with the way it came out and even got to listen to some banjo tunes during lunch breaks. :) I highly recommend them.


Too expensive and payments terms were not as expected.

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4.70 based on 466 reviews

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4.30 based on 138 reviews

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4.95 based on 209 reviews

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5.00 based on 1 reviews

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