Who are the 10 best solar energy companies in District of Columbia based on solar company reviews?

SolarReviews helps you find the best solar installer by sharing below the largest collection of consumer solar company reviews of solar panel companies currently operating in District of Columbia. Some of these solar companies have also agreed to supply live pricing through the site if you request a solar quote, by entering your zip code above.

There are now more solar power companies operating in District of Columbia than ever before and more choice of solar products and solar installation companies to speak to about a solar system. The solar tax credit, great long term savings, net metering and an abundance of zero down solar lease and solar loan products are making home solar more popular.

Right across the solar industry in the United States consumer reviews have shown that local installers enjoy the highest levels of customer satisfaction. The large corporate solar companies such as Vivint Solar, Solar City Tesla and Sunrun have much lower reviews scores than local solar companies.

Lumina Solar

5.00 based on 14 reviews
3701 Commerce Drive, Suite 108, Baltimore, MD 21227

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Storage, Energy Monitoring

Short Version:
My experience with Lumina Solar was a very positive. I was blown away by the team's experience within the Solar industry and willingness to communicate with me every step along the way. From my sales manager and main POC Ryan Farrell, who answered a large quantity of my questions on the spot unhinged too many times to list and provided routine check ins as we waited for permits and paperwork of that nature to get approved by the various government groups, to the site surveyer Mark (I can't remember his last name) who took the extra time to identify and capture pictures of a few shingle nail pops and shingle nail holes on my roof that I was able to get repaired through my builder prior to panel install, to the install team and extreme professionalism & attention to detail of lead electrician Joe (I can't remember his last name) who explained the physical install process with me during day of execution and even provided me with some welcomed insight into how Lumina was formed. Lumina was also more than willing to install a Solar Edge HD Wave EV Charger Inverter w/ the charging cable and holder since my electrical panel is located in my garage. So I got solar panels (wanted solar ever since I was a teenager), A Solar Edge inverter with Power Optimizers, and an up to 40A @ 240 VAC Level 2 EV Charger wrapped into one project. Icing on the cake: Lumina conducted the research to confirm my eligibility for MD's EV Charger Rebate (In addition to the State solar grant and county property tax credit) , making this entire project that much more financially sweet. It's February, my system's been running for a few days, and I got over 70% of my electricity provided by solar on the extremely sunny and clear skies Monday we had.Very much so looking forward to summertime production because this is greater than expected already.

Deeper Dive:
My journey for solar pv started on EnergySage. I followed EnergySage's advice and attempted to receive quotes from several companies: Maryland Solar Solutions Inc, Tesla, Lumina Solar, Celestial Solar, and Solar SME. While I had mostly good interactions with the sales personnel from all 5 companies, my conversations with Ryan from Lumina Solar and Jim from Celestial Solar were the most reassuring by far. So I scheduled site assessments with both. Unfortunately Jim from Celestial was unable to make our scheduled assessment due to having a tech that called out sick as he had to fill in for said tech for an inspection. I sent him a follow up email to inquire on if an alternate date a week away would work, but I never got a response. So I proceeded in kind with Ryan from Lumina. The assessment with Ryan went extremely well as he developed the system in real time with solar estimating software on his laptop. The software seemed to be significantly more user friendly and visually appealing than what I encountered at the Tesla store when looking for a quote from Tesla/Solar City. We worked together and designed a couple of options.I compared pricing and such with the other quotes received. With the exception of Tesla, which was priced considerably low, all other prices between the companies I received quotes from were fairly in line. I decided to make my decision off of reassured quality as opposed to rock bottom lowest price (Tesla in this case) and ended up proceeding forward with Lumina because I was more than reassured in their capabilities along with their professionalism. The efficient all black panels, the experienced team, the experienced installers, the experienced electrician, and their competitive price in comparison to the pack. As a bundle it was the right call. If you're planning to go solar definitely consider Lumina. Happy to recommend and write an overly long review for a local company that is putting quality first and foremost.

Nova Solar

5.00 based on 14 reviews
3305 Dye Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042

Services: Residential Solar Electric

I couldn't be happier with Barklie, Trip and the whole Nova Solar crew! I am a very particular, discriminating, and knowledgeable customer in terms of contractors working on my home. For example, before we went to contract I made them show me how they were going to run the electrical to make sure it was not going to look terrible like some solar you see. These guys are true pros! They have an impressive knowledge of solar, they supply top equipment which they buy in bulk to keep quality high and prices low, they are fanatics about running an efficient business so they can keep their prices low, and they perform their own installs so they can ensure top quality on each job. What more can you ask for?? They had my system up and running within weeks of going to contract, and it has been outperforming my expectations since then. I couldn't be happier with Nova Solar!

Edge Energy

4.92 based on 26 reviews
6854 Distribution Drive, Beltsville, MD 20705
Pre-screened Solar Pro

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Energy Audits, Storage, Energy Monitoring

Great installation, highly qualifed team


Office location: Beltsville, MD 20705

Had a great experience with EDGE, which included having to put down a new roof on my DC rowhouse. Tony was on my roof at least twice checking on his team, and his team was present for all DC electrical inspections, etc. Also accompanied me through the whole SREC registration process, and handled all permitting in house. Very impressed. High quality installation, done right.

So, you think you want to go solar? Here’s why you should first look into “Renewable Energy Corporation” (REC) based in Timonium, MD. When I first contacted them I knew nothing about solar systems. REC sent a representative to my home, and after a quick review of our premises were able to present us with several roof array options. We had a choice between a basic 12 panel (3 kw array), or the one we chose, an 18 panel (5 kw array) which was the maximum panels this roof would accommodate after applying county rules & regulations. REC also prepared the required net-meter interconnection application to our electric company. The prepping didn’t stop there, REC also wired our electric panel and handled all the county inspections allowing the SolarEdge inverter connection. Keep in mind, every county & electric company has different rules & regulations that must be followed, REC knows what they are. Every tax break and rebate we were entitled to was made aware to us along with the guidance of how and where to apply for them. Our experience with REC was excellent and we extend our sincere thanks to Andrew, William and Sherri for all their help.

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric

Panel brand



Prospect made my dream of our home being netzero a reality and it only took a 5kW sunpower array. Install was quick and painless and the team really took the time to make sure all of my questions were answered. Couldnt be happier.

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Storage

I contracted with SES through a Virginia co-op which allowed me to get a discount on buying in bulk with other households. The process took about four and a half months to complete (from the time I signed the contract to the time Dominion approved my system). There we some technical difficulties with modifications to the contract, but Stuart worked through them with me and I am pleased with the process. I am no monitoring production to see how the calculations I was presented fair in the real world.

Mountain View Solar & Wind

5.00 based on 1 reviews
15 Greenway Drive, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric

great, customer accommodating company


Office location: Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

The personnel, from sales to install are right there for the customer. Just inquire about which solar panel manufacturer is available and make your choice.


4.88 based on 59 reviews
10616 Beaver Dam Road, Baltimore , MD 21030

Services: Commercial Solar Electric, Storage, Energy Monitoring

I had my solar system installed in early June and started it on June 21st and wanted to see how my system performed before I wrote my review. I cannot be more pleased with every aspect of the sale, installation and performance of my system. The sales consultant, Paul Miller, was able at answer all my questions and did not pressure my at all to purchase the system.
The installation crew did a fantastic job and it took only two days to install the 36 panels and hook-up the inverter to my home's electric system. It took about two weeks before the utility came out to install the net meter.
The SolarGaines office staff submitted all the paperwork necessary for the meter and all the state and county rebate programs. I have already received my $1000 check from the state.
As for the performance, the system provided all the electricity I needed for my house all summer. In addition I have put about 150kWh back on to the grid during that period of time.
I highly recommend using SolarGaines to install your solar system.

Standard Energy Solutions

5.00 based on 1 reviews
9520 Gerwig Lane, Suites Q-T, Columbia, MD 21046

Great service, great product

Caused leaks, under powered, worst company around.


Office location: Lancaster, CA 93534

Tesla Solar has installed a system on my roof that has caused leaks- they claim that it is not their responsibility. They sent out their own installers to recheck it and stated the paper under the panels is the cause - (so they installed over bad roofing paper??) I had two contractors out to look at it and they say that it was poor installation. Now Tesla wants to send another inspector to see it again - at my cost of $200.00 if they again say it is not their work that caused the leak - Not to mention that the solar panels cover about as much electricity as their monthly bill - $0.00 in savings, and to fix this problem, it would be another set of panels and another contract. Total Rip off. Find a reputable company. Tesla. When calling the company 877-731-7652 I spoke with a horrific person, Sandra, 3-6-19. Very rude and very unhelpful. Like talking to a brick wall. When you call, they tell you the phone calls are recorded - when I brought that up to her- she held at me and said she did not give the right to be recorded and hung up. It is their phones that record the calls! Sandra should seek non customer service work. Tesla should stand behind their work. Stay away from this company.

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4.88 based on 59 reviews

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4.92 based on 26 reviews

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