2019 SolarReviews Awards for Best Residential Installers in Oceanside, California

At the end of each year, we calculate rankings to determine the best residential solar installers for that particular year. Rankings are determined for the entire US, each state, and top cities.

These results are based strictly on customer satisfaction. We applaud these companies and the contributions that they are making to the solar industry.

Rankings below are only calculated from reviews in 2019. Click here for a detailed explanation.


60 Reviews

The average all-time rating for the top 5 residential solar companies in Oceanside, California

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Table 1: Top 100 installers in:
Rank: 1
Rating 2019:

4.63 15 Reviews

Rank: 2
Company Name:
Mynt Solar
Pre-Screened Solar Pro Rating 2019:

4.58 13 Reviews

Rank: 3
Company Name:
Cosmic Solar, Inc.
Pre-Screened Solar Pro Rating 2019:

4.53 11 Reviews

Rank: 4
Company Name:
Modern Mill Solar
Rating 2019:

4.38 15 Reviews

Rank: 5
Company Name:
Barnes Solar
Rating 2019:

4.32 6 Reviews