Sunrun Offers BrightBox Energy Storage Systems to California Homeowners

Sunrun Offers BrightBox Energy Storage Systems to California Homeowners

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The residential solar industry is growing at breakneck speed across the US and now the energy storage market is following it quickly. To capitalize on that opportunity Sunrun announced it is offering BrightBox batteries to supplement home and business solar systems in California, the nation’s largest solar market. 

Sunrun initially released the BrightBox system for sale at big box stores in Hawaii. Hawaii served as a prime testing market for BrightBox given that its small isolated power infrastructure allows for more extensive experimentation and analysis of how new solar technologies interacts with the grid.Sunrun's BrightBox campaign. Courtesy Sunrun

“Building on the successful launch of BrightBox in Hawaii, we are thrilled to offer Sunrun BrightBox to California homeowners who’ve been the leaders in adopting clean energy at scale,” said Lynn Jurich, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrun. “We will continue to innovate and deploy services that will further help our customers obtain smarter energy options to ensure they enjoy the comfortable homes they deserve at lower energy costs. Importantly, with innovations such as BrightBox, we hope to forge new relationships with utilities as we work with them to maximize the value of solar energy in modernizing America’s energy infrastructure.”

As California utilities shift to time-of-use pay structures, a system like the BrightBox can add value by allowing customers to save on peak hour rates. During peak hours the homeowner can utilize solar power and energy stored in batteries rather than the power from the grid.

“By bringing Sunrun BrightBox to California, we are offering our customers a customized solar plus energy storage solution that provides clean, affordable energy with backup power when you need it,” commented Michael Grasso, Chief Marketing Officer of Sunrun. “The backup capability ensures you will have several hours of power for important appliances and electronics even when your local electricity grid goes down.”

When Sunrun initially launched the BrightBox in Hawaii, it was using Tesla’s Powerwall battery technology. Now that Tesla acquired Sunrun competitor, SolarCity, Sunrun partnered with LG Chem to supply its lithium-ion RESU batteries for the BrightBox system. The rollout of the system with LG’s battery technology in the largest market in the nation shows confidence in the technology and LG’s ability to supply demand. Sunrun plans to launch the BrightBox in other states soon. 

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