Mercedes-Benz Plugs Into US Residential and Commercial Solar Battery Market

Mercedes-Benz Plugs Into US Residential and Commercial Solar Battery Market

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Known worldwide for its legacy of luxury cars, German auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is plugging into the North American residential and commercial energy storage market. Part of its “CASE” corporate strategy, Mercedes-Benz announced that it has founded Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas in conjunction with Daimler AG to release residential battery modules with a storage capacity of 2.5-kilowatt hours (kWh) in 2017. 

Mercedes-Benz’s CASE strategy stands for connectivity (Connected), autonomous driving (Autonomous), flexible use (Shared & Services) and electric drive systems (Electric). This company-wide initiative seeks to integrate its new stationary battery systems, residential and commercial solar installations and hybrid car lines to create an environmentally friendly concept of electronic mobility and clean energy sustainability.Mercedes CASE strategy, energy storage. Courtesy Mercedes

“Mercedes Benz Energy is uniquely positioned to not only offer solutions to the energy and storage market that will help utilities, businesses and homeowners to save costs and solve needs, however also combine the advantages of electric vehicles and energy solutions into one holistic platform,” says Boris von Bormann, CEO Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, LLC.

When multiple units of the new energy storage systems are connected to each other and combined with a solar array, the 2.5 kWh modules can store up to 20 kWh worth of back-up solar power for use in homes. The company also plans to introduce larger energy storage systems to accommodate energy demands in commercial and industrial applications.

“By founding Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, we are once again underscoring our ambition to be a technological and market leader in the field of highly efficient storage systems on a global scale,” says Marc Thomas, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH in Germany. “At the same time, we are making an active contribution to the process of transition towards sustainable energy generation and continuing the success story of German-based battery production.”

Initially developed by Daimler for the demanding use of hybrid and electric cars in 2012, the company is now bringing its lithium-ion battery technology to the home. This will allow customers to assist in grid stabilization during peak electricity demand hours, as well as allow them to benefit from significant savings on their monthly utility bill.

Mercedes-Benz is not the only car maker to realize the potential for its batteries in the energy storage market, which is an ideal companion to solar arrays and renewables. Like America’s Tesla Corp., BMW has also entered the home energy storage market.  BMW announced in June (2016) that it will be releasing its i3 residential and commercial backup battery systems. With a storage capacity of 22 kWh, the residential i3 battery system utilizes 2nd life batteries once used in its cars to store excess solar power and offset electricity demands during peak hours. 

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