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Shawn O 3 weeks ago

I did my due diligence once I realized I wanted to go solar. I checked around and compared $$ per watt, researched the solar panels and received plenty of quotes. Solar Max Inc had had the best package and for the price that made sense for my budget! So then I started to research the company. I obviously saw a mix of reviews and considering the scale of the project, I addressed my concerns with LeeAnn, my sales person. She had no problem explaining the bad reviews that I brought to her attention and eased my mind and we moved forward with the project. As a matter of fact I was so impressed with LeeAnn that I added new windows, a hybrid water heater and digital thermostat to my 51 panel solar project! This company has many subdivisions and it was nice dealing with just one person for so many projects. I have been and are currently dealing with a few different contractors and I can not express enough what customer service means when you are at the mercy of contractors. There are so many questions that you have on a process that the consumer knows very little about. All the home owner wants is to have a project that they are spending good money on be done right and in a timely manor and to have their questions answered along the way. Solar Max Inc has went above and beyond through my whole process of my project to answer questions, explain the process, educate me on the technology and to fix any issues that had gone wrong. LeeAnn, Sonny and Mariah (My Solar Max team) were a phone call or text away at all hours of the day and the response was so fast I can't even compare them to other contractors I had the displeasure of dealing with. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! The panels are working great, the numbers are all what you said they would be and I couldn't be happier with my decision to with Solar Max Inc

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Dawn W, over 1 month

We had our solar panels installed almost 3 months ago, and finally JUST got online with it about 1 week ago. It DOES NOT produce even half of the amount of energy promised, so I will still have a significant energy bill ON TOP of my 30 year loan with this company. The communication is between several people, whom apparently don't actually communicate with each other. The mistakes made by Solar Max along the way are far too many to mention in a single review, but I will say that purchasing from this company has been the biggest mistake I have ever made financially. They promised to pay the 1st six months of payments as part of the deal because we signed up on the first visit... after I had already paid my first payment (without even being online yet), I asked about their payment to me. They cut me a check... I deposited it, AND THE CHECK BOUNCED!!!! So it is costing us even more to fix that. For an owner that is so concerned about making sure that things are done right, it speaks volumes that I have never seen him or spoken to him, even though I know that he is aware of all of the problems we have had since the beginning. <br />If it were possible, I'd love for them to come pack up all their panels and pay my loan, just to never deal with them again.

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$17,548 - $21,448

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16,998 kWh

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Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

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17¢ kWh

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When choosing Solar Max, you are choosing a family-owned and operated company that has positioned itself at the forefront of Florida's revolutionizing solar energy industry. We employ a full team of in-house experts with the highest level of knowledge, training and licensing. By doing so, we are able to ensure every customer receives a positive and enjoyable experience from first contact, to design and installation along with follow-up once in service.

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