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Updated: 13 June 2018

Installing solar since 2012

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work_autonomous | Milpitas, California | 08/04/2018

Excellent service from the beginning to the end

As having solar system installed is a 20 years commitment, I spoke to 5 solar companies not just to compare the price but most importantly to see cross reference the information they provided.<br /><br />What I found out, sales reps mostly reply on the computer program generated quote. Interestingly, after analyzing the same PG&E electricity usage history, some quoted me 7.6kw and some quoted me 5.8kw system. That is a huge difference that I definitely would love to sort out why. Most sales rep will cite that is how their software calculates, some said that is based upon system needs to cover 100% PG&E usage. Only Ali from Highligh Solar clearly explained how PG&E Net Metering works, and made clear sense the system size he recommended.<br /><br />The most amazing about Ali is that any question I came up with, e.g. what is the back feed of my main panel, he can get me the right answer right away even after 6 weeks of his visit, with picture of my panel attached. <br /><br />Once the decision is made, Ali walked me through the proposal and contract review, and Dean, the owner, was also very accommodating to accept some revisions I requested.. <br /><br />Then Jesse helped with permits and project management, Sam helped with monitoring and PG&E application, plus the professional installation team who made the whole process as smooth as it gets.<br /><br />2 days after installation, I reported weird system reading from Solar Edge mobile app, Dean and Sam called Solar Edge and confirmed they need to replace the inverter, which then got scheduled and done in less than 2 days by next available technician.<br /><br />In the end, Dean also personally helped me understand Solar Edge monitor reading, and answer many solar production related questions!!!<br /><br />All in all, I highly recommend Highlight Solar for their well rounded professional team!!!!!! Their service deserved 6 stars!!!

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veibanez12 | Hayward, California | 06/13/2018

Good experience with this company!

I've received quote for a 2.5kW system from two big solar companies and two local companies. At first, I opted for one of the big companies since they were the cheapest and since they have been in business for a long time. I read that they had bad customer service but decided to ignore those comments and boy was I disappointed with the communication. After two months, I contacted Highlight and they quickly picked up on our last conversation and started the process right away. It took about 1-1.5 months from the contract signing to net metering approval. The process has kinks since I need to have my panel replaced but Dean sorted it out easily. The whole team deserve kudos as well. I will recommend this company to my friends. I hope they stay long in business.

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InSillyValley | Santa Clara, California | 05/09/2018

Solar installation in mid April 2018

Excellent work by Excellent people. Installed LG Solar Panels using Solar Edge. We're very happy with the entire process from pre, during and post install. Dean and his crew also helped us with the paperwork needed to expedite the city rebate we will be receiving from Silicon Valley Power! All inspections passed without a hitch. They anticipated the requirements and spared no expense. <br /><br />I highly recommend Dean and the Highlight Solar team!

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Falesun | San Jose, California | 04/28/2018

Here Comes The Sun

Made a very difficult choice between two five star companies and wound up choosing Highlight Solar and wasn't disappointed. After reading their reviews and how the owner Dean's philosophy was to "exceed your expectations" I decided to go with Highlight. Since our panels face the street we decided on Sunpower Black Panels. Every step of the way from planning, installation and the approval process Highlight was involved and met and exceeded expectations. Since I upgraded my electrical panel, it meant patching and painting and it was handled by Highlight promptly and on time. Little touches such as painting the electrical conduit to match the roof color just reinforced my decision that I had picked the "right" solar company.

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Lisalles | San Jose, California | 04/25/2018


There is a reason this company has the best review history. These are the best. BUT FIRST a word to the wise... I had 7 or 8 different companies come to my home to quote solar....i allowed the different solar companies to look at the competitors quotes...one company had their license revoked but did not bother to tell me..but his competitor did. Another had so many Better Business complaints that i am surprised they are still in business...the aggressive leader in the area was pushy, rude and had an 8 month back log. 6 months later, diamond certified came in and highlight solar was the first i talked to. Friendly, patient, fantastic reviews....the product was high quality, the schedule was a couple weeks out. The panels were installed by professionals. They look great. I am so glad i went with highlight. Thank you Ali!

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Marcea | Sunnyvale, California | 04/03/2018

Highlight Solar

Highlight Solar is the full package. From the very beginning of our search for a solar company to install a system on our home, HS was by far the best and easiest to work with. They presented their system and gave us the time to make the decision. They were never pushy and always available to answer our many questions. We wanted a system that gave us maximum power generation but didn't want the front of our house covered in panels. HS designed the perfect system for our home. Once we signed up with them the installation began within a couple of weeks. The installation went smooth and with no surprises. I highly recommend Highlight Solar.

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Sun Man | Sunnyvale, California | 03/27/2018

Best of the Best

Our desire was to install as large a rooftop solar system as we could without any panels visible from the street. We received bids from four solar companies including Highlight Solar. The Highlight Solar bid had several things going for it: <br /> <br />1) it was the only company where a representative came to our house to take measurements to provide a definitive bid -- the other three companies wanted us to put down a deposit first before they would measure our house and lay out the system,<br /> <br />2) it was able to fit more panels that the other three companies would commit to, <br /><br />3) it proposed the earliest project start and shortest installation time span, <br /><br />4) it had the lowest bid, and <br /><br />5) it is a diamond certified company. <br /><br />We agreed to purchase a 9.1 KW system with 32 panels from Highlight Solar.<br /><br />Once we signed the contract, the panels and inverters were delivered within a week. Installation began four days later, and was completed in three days. Final inspection was completed on the first visit two weeks later (would have been one week, but it was delayed because we were out of town). Three days after the inspection, PG&E approved our Net Energy Metering (NEM) application. The whole process took one month, which was half the time any of the other companies would commit to.<br /><br />Dean and his folks were a pleasure to work with during the whole project. In addition to the solar installation itself, they handled all aspects of the city permitting and NEM application process with PG&E. We were very happy with the entire experience, and would recommend Highlight Solar to anybody considering the addition of a rooftop solar system to their home.

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Who cares | Campbell, California | 11/27/2017

Best solar installation company around!

Let me start off by saying we can't say enough good things about this company and it's staff. Whenever you make a large investment like solar you always worry about getting ripped off. Put those worries aside.<br /><br />When we decided to go solar, we got 4 quotes. Highlight Solar was by far the most competitive with it's bid. Some companies didn't even come out to look at the house before quoting. The quote was done over the phone. Not so with Highlight Solar. Their salesperson Ali made an appointment to come out and look at the house layout before giving a quote. He got on the roof, did all the measurements, determined the best layout for the best results. He took a lot of time to clearly explain everything about the process and did a multi page, comprehensive quote including what we could expect in production. <br /><br />Ali is an honest, caring person. All of the employees who work for Highlight Solar are fantastic. The installation crew (Chris, Shawn, Nick and Doug) and in office people Sam and Jesse were wonderful. Everyone was totally into solar and extremely knowledgable. Once the installation crew arrived to start the job, I knew we were in good hands. The installation and scheduling went as promised. Highlight Solar took care of everything from installation, getting required permits and dealing with PG&E. They keep you up to date as to where you are in the total process. They were totally responsive to any questions or needs that might arise. No back and forth emails or phone calls to get a response. They were on it immediately!!! Although I didn't have much direct contact with the owner Dean, when I did, he was very honest and responsive. Very accommodating to any need that might pop up.<br /><br />So, if you are looking for a solar installation company that is honest, professional, very price competitive, uses the best quality product and very friendly to work with, look no further. Highlight Solar is the best! I don't have one negative thing to say about them which in this day and age is extremely rare. Thank you everyone at Highlight Solar. It's been a real pleasure working with you!

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sandpiper | San Jose, California | 09/24/2017

Highlight Solar is outstanding!

I had an outstanding experience with Highlight Solar from start to finish. I researched this a lot and finally decided that I wanted to own the panels outright. I narrowed my choice down to two vendors, Highlight Solar and one other vendor who was slightly lower cost. I then started communicating with the two vendors to get their bid. Dean from Highlight was always super responsive and wonderful to work with. This was in stark contrast to the second company which completely fell down when it came to responsiveness and customer service. And this was even before they had sold me the system!<br /><br />To cut a long story short, I chose to go ahead with Highlight Solar, their price was extremely competitive and they had gained my trust. Dean helped me size the system correctly and helped me avoid going for too many panels. My system size is 28 panels of 300W each with Enphase micro-inverters. I have not regretted my decision for a moment. Dean gave me an installation date and Francisco and his team were super punctual arriving on that date. I had been told that the installation would take 3 days but they finished ahead of schedule in about 2.5 days! This was another very pleasant surprise. Francisco also handled the PG&E inspection and quickly made the necessary changes that the inspector requested.<br /><br />Dean and team were very prompt with all paperwork and I had everything I needed to file for my Federal tax credit. They also monitored my system and made sure the Enphase monitoring was activated and the monitoring application was working properly.<br /><br />A year has now passed and my system has been working flawlessly. I wholeheartedly recommend Highlight Solar as your Solar installation team. If I had to make the same decision again, I would go with Highlight Solar in a heartbeat.

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Majed | 09/22/2017

Solar at it's best!

I would highly recommend Highlight Solar! Dean and his staff are incredibly professional and run a very honest and a professional business. Dean always went above and beyond to ensure customers are satisfied. My experience with this company and their products and service was much higher than average and I am overall very satisfied...<br /><br />We had an extremely pleasant experience working with Dean and Highlight Solar. Dean/Highlight Solar came on top of any others in terms of prompt response, quality, price and overall attention to details. Dean and his crew pay attention to the little details like painting their conduit to match the color of the house, etc. They have been on top of everything. Strongly recommended. Hands down 5-star.

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Power User of Ir-radiance | Dublin, California | 07/18/2017

Sometimes you just have to say it ...

Sometimes you just have to say it because it is only right that others should benefit from a company that you have had a positive experience with. I don't write reviews often and I always take them with a grain of salt but I want to say that Highlight Solar left me delighted.<br /><br />Highlight Solar helped me over the hump and ushered me through a lot of factors like long term economic benefit ROI, good impact for the environment, proper sizing, impact to the roof and , frankly speaking , how to get the best aesthetic appeal while insuring I wasn't overpaying. There was no high pressure sales tactics. It was just a conversation about key issues and implementation among friends.<br /><br />I sincerely feel that Dean, Ali, Jesse , Doug and Sam guided me through the process well from getting to cost benefit/payback period nailed down , to site survey and electricity bill analysis done for ensure the proper sizing , to permitting , to picking the right solar materials , to setting up monitoring (pretty cool) , to getting all the after install paperwork done so that PG&E is in the loop and we get the benefit of the solar system.<br /><br />Highlight Solar did a wonderful job in guiding me through all things solar . All aspects of my solar installation from helping to understand education myself in terms of the best combination of solar panels , inverters (sunlight to AC electricity ) and racking (to hold the system on the roof with water proofing ). I have a tile roof so I was concerned about keeping my tiles intact . There are special hooks for that.<br /><br />Dean recommended a successful local Hayward racking company called IronRidge . For inverters, Dean had SolarEdge based in Fremont with award winning technology for residential with a monitoring app for every solar panel.<br /><br />Doug and company were polite and patient with me explaining to me what steps were being taken on my roof. He explained the process and what was going on to my wife.<br /><br />Ali helped to get the permitting which didn't take very long at all.<br /><br />My current electricity bill is -$10 and we have been running out air conditioning to our hearts delight .<br /><br />This is one of the type of projects where you need the right material at the right time installed/designed/ followed upon by the right people. Highlight Solar is high integrity , value priced , and technically competent company who played with teamwork that you don't see often.

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