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As having solar system installed is a 20 years commitment, I spoke to 5 solar companies not just to compare the price but most importantly to see cross reference the information they provided.<br /><br />What I found out, sales reps mostly reply on the computer program generated quote. Interestingly, after analyzing the same PG&E electricity usage history, some quoted me 7.6kw and some quoted me 5.8kw system. That is a huge difference that I definitely would love to sort out why. Most sales rep will cite that is how their software calculates, some said that is based upon system needs to cover 100% PG&E usage. Only Ali from Highligh Solar clearly explained how PG&E Net Metering works, and made clear sense the system size he recommended.<br /><br />The most amazing about Ali is that any question I came up with, e.g. what is the back feed of my main panel, he can get me the right answer right away even after 6 weeks of his visit, with picture of my panel attached. <br /><br />Once the decision is made, Ali walked me through the proposal and contract review, and Dean, the owner, was also very accommodating to accept some revisions I requested.. <br /><br />Then Jesse helped with permits and project management, Sam helped with monitoring and PG&E application, plus the professional installation team who made the whole process as smooth as it gets.<br /><br />2 days after installation, I reported weird system reading from Solar Edge mobile app, Dean and Sam called Solar Edge and confirmed they need to replace the inverter, which then got scheduled and done in less than 2 days by next available technician.<br /><br />In the end, Dean also personally helped me understand Solar Edge monitor reading, and answer many solar production related questions!!!<br /><br />All in all, I highly recommend Highlight Solar for their well rounded professional team!!!!!! Their service deserved 6 stars!!!

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1624 Remuda Lane, San Jose CA, 95112

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