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Information on Solar Rebates and Solar Incentives

Updated May 2012 Everybody loves the idea of solar panels for their house but the price tag has made many people think twice. Governments at all levels across the USA have decided that tackling climate change is a key priority and part of tackling climate change is to encourage the use of home solar power systems. As such we have a whole raft of rebates, incentives and tax credits for home solar panels.

Solar Rebates and Solar Incentive At the federal level it is easy. There is a 30% federal income tax rebate that you can claim when you do your next federal tax return after the date on which you install your solar panels. More information on the federal renewable energy tax credit. However, once you go down to the state and county levels the situation gets really quite complex. In this site we have summarized the incentives and rebates that apply at the state level as at Spring 2012 but please drop us a line if you know of any changes as many of these incentive programs change regularly and so keeping up with them all if a difficult task. Many of the local county and utility incentives are small programs with limited budgets that open and close as funding allows. Often the best people to speak to about the latest incentives in your area are local installers and you can get in contact with 3 of them by entering your details here. Click on your state on the right of this page to find out what rebates and other incentives there are for installing solar panels in your home in your area.

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