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Texas - Requirements for Solar Power Installation

Licensing of solar panels and solar power inverters in Texas

In Texas much of the regulation of solar power installers and of solar power equipment comes from the rules of each of the utilities that offer solar power incentive programs. Although the wording of these requirements change from utility to utility generally systems must be new, connected to the grid on the customer side of the meter and meet utility interconnection requirements. The solar panels must be new and certified to UL-1703 and inverters must be new and certified to UL 1741. All installations must be performed service providers who meet program eligibility requirements. AC-disconnect switches are required as are revenue grade solar meters. Service providers are also subject to ongoing quality assurance standards and are required to attend technical training sessions.

Licensing of solar panel installers in Texas.

Most utilities in Texas that offer solar PV rebate programs require that for systems to be eligible for rebates they must be installed by installers from the approved service providers list. As such all you need to do is check that the installer you are considering using is registered with your utility.

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