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New York - Requirements for Solar Power Installation

Licensing of solar power installers in New York

Although it is not illegal for a general electrical contractor to install solar power systems in New York it is a requirement of the NYSERDA solar rebate and other incentive programs that in order for a system to be eligible for the rebates they must be installed by an installer registered with NYSERDA. NYSERDA consider applications from installers to be registered on the basis of skills, experience and references. Since 2011 it has been a requirement that installers applying for registration be a member of NABCEP (North Amercian Board of Certified Energy Practitioners).

Licensing of solar power installations in New York

In order to be eligible for state and utility rebate programs equipment must be new, and meet UL and IEEE standards. As a short cut for consumers wishing to check that the equipment they are being quoted is eligible all solar panels and inverters on the Californian Energy Commissions list of approved modules and approved inverters will meet these standards ans so if equipment you are being offered in on this list then you are okay. There are minimum warranty requirements and also monitoring requirements under some New York solar incentive programs. A good way to find out whats applicable to your area is to get quotes from local solar professionals.  

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