So how much solar power do I need for my house?

The most common question that solar sales people hear is, how big a solar system do I need ? This depends on a few different factors and there is no one size fits all option. Firstly you need to get a grasp of the solar rebates and incentives that apply to your area, they are not all the same and differ from state to state, even county to county. You can click here to find out the rebates and incentives that apply in your state. Once you know the rules you then need to know how many kilowatt hours of electricity you use on average per day (kw/hrs) this will let you know how big the system needs to be to cover your consumption ( this info can be generally found on your electricity bill). This is because we know on average a solar install facing the correct direction (south) will produce about 4 kw/hrs per 1kW of installed capacity, for example a 5kW system will average you about 20kw/hrs per day. Now some other factors need to be considered, do you have enough roof space facing the right direction, if not could you consider a ground mount system? If you don’t have the budget for the size system you need to match your consumption, is it worth doing a system that will partially cover your usage. Do you think you will be in the property long enough to get past the payback time? You can educated yourself about most of the relevant factors on the website and then it will be important to seek some quotes and or ask some questions and you can do that through this website as well. We only pass on leads to companies that have the required qualifications and can demonstrate a good track record. It is important to remember that as the rebates and incentives differ from state to state and county to county, your local solar power professionals are a valuable source of information and expertise. So how big a solar power system do YOU need? Do some homework, have a look at your circumstances (roof space, power usage, and budget) and then get some quotes from local power professionals. Solar Power Pete – resident blogger

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