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A Guide to Solar Light, Heat, and Energy has posted some great resources to turn to for solar energy facts and information. Consolidated onto our blog today is only a snippet, but read on to discover more solar energy facts on solar panels, solar PV, and much more.

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Harnessing Solar Energy

Solar energy has many uses and can be a renewable, alternative source for electrical lighting, heating, cooling, and other electrical needs. To use solar energy, it must first be harnessed. The methods to do this are classified as either active or passive. The use of photovoltaic cells is a common example of an active method. The sun may also be harnessed in a passive way. This is a method that people have both intentionally and unintentionally accomplished for centuries. How a home or building is designed, the materials that are used and even certain colors are classified as passive ways to harness solar energy. For example, the placement of a window or even a sky light can passively harness the heat of the sun to warm a room or a building. Passive solar energy is limited, however, in the amount of heating or cooling that is accomplished. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious advantage of harnessing solar energy is that it does not create greenhouse gases, which are harmful in terms of personal and environmental health. Another benefit is that it is renewable energy and won't use up natural resources. Unfortunately, the need for energy is constant, day and night, rain or shine.

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